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Partner Performance teams up with RelayWare

September 26, 2008

Foundation Network Ltd has signed an agreement with Partner Performance to represent its end-to-end PRM software solution, RelayWare, in the Benelux. Partner Performance will incorporate RelayWare into its existing portfolio of partner management solutions.

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Do your channel partners create demand?

September 23, 2008

The Inkanote blog discusses how some manufacturers who sell to channel partners (dealers, resellers, retailers) do not think the channel actually “creates demand” for the product. Management often sees the channel as a place to “park inventory” to get it off the manufacturer’s shelves before the end of the quarter.

A good PRM system helps you to scorecard your partners based on a variety of parameters, this enables you to pinpoint exactly which partners add the most value to your channel sales. In turn, you can reward and incentivize your partners to enhance your relationship with the channel.

CRN Special Report: Next Generation Marketing

September 22, 2008

Channelweb logoPaul Bray of CRN Channelweb investigates why vendors should make the investment in next-generation marketing campaigns to keep channel sales flowing.

Wise vendors should provide a to, through and with channel marketing approach, treating their channel partners like customers and employing partner relationship management (PRM) in the same way that a retailer would use Customer Relationship Management.
Distributors do not often generate user demand for products, so the focus of a vendor’s PRM should be its Value Added Resellers, System Integrators and other Resellers.

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Partner Relationship Management

September 18, 2008

Partner Relationship Management enables vendors to better manage their channel partner sales, marketing and associated business operations activities thereby increasing efficiency, effectiveness, partner loyalty and performance and thereby improving profitability and reducing cost of sale.