Why does your company need a Partner Portal?

Do you want to complement your partner program with a compelling, interactive, content-rich partner portal that combines easy to use and easy to access sales, marketing and support tools with genuine demand generation capability and get a tangible return on your investment?

Most partner portals offer little partner benefit over a vendor’s corporate website. They act as a repository for information but fail to perform what should be their primary function – to provide the tools and resources partners need to sell and market on the vendor’s behalf. Why is this? Well most vendors prioritise funding and resource for their corporate website. The partner portal, if it exists, is usually an afterthought.

Partner portals usually fail to attract and retain visitors because of:

  • Generic content which has not been adapted for channel consumption or is not personalized for the intended audience
  • Content which is not maintained, is out of date or lags the corporate website
  • Content management and document management systems that perform poorly and/or are difficult to use
  • Poor structure and navigation making information hard to find
  • Too much information but a lack of tools to help partners make use of it
  • Too many clicks required to access key tools or information
  • Limited or no interactivity
  • Inadequate or ineffective marketing and promotion
  • Lack of investment
  • Lack of resource.

Or else they are simply not interesting places to go – and that’s important when your audience is predominantly made up of sales people!

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One Comment on “Why does your company need a Partner Portal?”

  1. Tim Hughan Says:

    Companies need partner portals because their partners are their extended sales force. This is an obvious conclusion to everyone but the companies themselves. By underfunding and under supplying their partner portals, the value to the channel is minimal.

    But the solution to the problem is more cultural than technological. Companies spend millions of dollars on direct sales education, sales conferences, Club, etc. and leave the channel to their own devices. Companies that make a commitment to provide their channel partners with the same information that their direct sales force has with ultimately be better positioned to drive revenue from partners. By systematically capturing product and services knowledge and making it available on a Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Platform, partners get the information they need and can build on the knowledge base for their benefit.

    To build an effective Partner Portal:
    • Think about the content first – how can you capture the knowledge?
    • Presentations to sales are presentations to the partners
    • How does the content work in their work flow
    • Which partners get the best information

    Make a commitment to a Partner Portal. Leave concerns about competitors getting your best information, they have it anyway. Channel partners have lots of products to sell but will sell the products they know best. Fix the cultural barriers and the technology will follow.

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