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Measuring the effect of viral email marketing

April 17, 2009

chart-arrowEmail marketing is a powerful channel that allows marketers to measure virtually every interaction with their prospects. But whether you want it or not, there are still things that cannot be measured 100% accurately. Although some measurements can be considered as reliable, the truth is that it is only a rough estimate of what really happened.

Encouraged by a specific marketing message or driven by the fantastic business of the e-mail campaign, people sometimes forward the email to new prospects. This is called the viral effect. It would be great if this viral effect could be measured – imagine how great it would be to know how many times your message was forwarded. Better still, to whom …

Yes … it is possible.
But only if the email is forwarded via a specially designed form on your website. By using this technique, you can store the email address of the sender and the receiver. (more…)