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Why do CRM projects fail more often than PRM projects?

November 23, 2008

Most CRM projects fail at the first hurdle due to a lack of definition and clear strategy. One of the most well known CRM systems is even known in the industry as ‘the most sold and least implemented CRM software’!

PRM does not have nearly the same failure rates that CRM has seen. This is because the entry-level investment is low, as it has been frequently supplied through an ASP/hosted model. Also the implementation time is six-eight weeks not six-eight months.

Also with PRM, there is no need to reinvent the business before the solution is implemented. PRM compliments existing systems, adds on to what they are already doing. PRM starts small and grows; you can test it a little at a time.


Partner Relationship Management

September 18, 2008

Partner Relationship Management enables vendors to better manage their channel partner sales, marketing and associated business operations activities thereby increasing efficiency, effectiveness, partner loyalty and performance and thereby improving profitability and reducing cost of sale.