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How to use Twitter as a marketing instrument

December 2, 2008

Twitter is confusing. It is getting an enormous amount of buzz in online and offline media, but many marketers have no idea how Twitter can help them in their online marketing efforts. In this article I will try to explain how you can successfully use twitter in your marketing efforts.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a service that allows to to post short messages on the internet, visible for anyone interested. Facebook users can compare it to their Facebook status updates on steroids.

What is so special about Twitter?

  • Status updates can not only be made from an internet browser, but also via SMS (mobile phone text-messages), iPhones and other connected devices.
  • To make Twitter work seamlessly with mobile phones, the length of the messages is limited to a 140 characters. This ensures to-the-point communication.
  • Anyone can read your status updates, group-sms messages never really took off, but now Twitter is doing something similar in a nice web interface the advantages of pushing messages out to a large number of followers are becoming very obvious.



Follow the Channel Sales Blog on Twitter

November 3, 2008

twitter-logoHave you discovered Twitter yet? Using Twitter you can send out messages to groups of friends, or even to the general public, from a website, mobile phone or Instant Messaging client.

Every time you post a new message, which must be less than 140 characters long, that message is relayed to all of the people in your friends list, published to your personal Twitter home page, and added to the public home page unless you tell it otherwise.

Over the last couple of months Twitter has become the next big thing on the internet and has gained a strong foothold in the online marketing community. The Channel Sales Blog can also be found on Twitter where we provide you with updates on the latest blog posts and other interesting Channel Sales related information.

Twitter has the potential to become a valuable tool for businesses, it can be used to broadcast your company’s latest news and blog posts, interact with your customers, or to enable easy internal collaboration and group communication.

There are lots of helpful sources of information on Twitter such as the recently launched Twitter for Beginners blog and Tweeternet.